London Street Lighting

Our first-class, bespoke installation service offers local authorities inclusive street lighting that scales across all the streets of London. We produce and supply a unique and diverse selection of bespoke lighting, that comes with complimentary features that suits the theme of each and every street. From innovative full LED street light conversions situated on the busy city of London, to embellished 18th century lanterns that add a traditional and antiquated touch to quaint London neighbourhoods. Whatever you’re looking for, we ensure that our comprehensive lighting solution will be tailored to your specific requests.

Well-lit streets, car parks and other public areas are essential within this modern day, as they can perform as the perfect crime preventative, taking a zero tolerant approach to any corruption that may be detrimental to both, London’s locals and tourists’ safety. As well as this, our experienced installation experts not only aim to prevent offences, but also want to add character to the cityscape, allowing Londoners to appreciate the spectacle of their city even in the dark.

Improve Safety with our Street Lighting

As mentioned above, the primary benefit of street lighting is the safety it provides for both pedestrians and drivers at night. When visibility decreases, so does people’s security and welfare. Inadequate lighting on roadways ultimately results in an influx of fatal car collisions, which can have detrimental consequences. Due to the driver’s poor visibility and the inadequately maintained streets it is likely that more accidents will occur and therefore roads need to be well-lit to help navigation by allowing them to avoid any obstacles and approaching vehicles.

Crime lessens in areas that have well-lit streets. Criminals often use darkness to protect their identity and hide the crime they are committing. Offenders flourish in affluent cities like London, and for this reason it is essential to implement crime prevention strategies in order to eliminate any opportunities for criminal activity. However, our bespoke and inclusive LED street lights and lanterns brightens paths, allowing people to continue their everyday activities even in the absence of natural light. The maximum exposure that extracts from our street lights inevitably reduce the risk of crime by working extremely well with CCTV, thus ensuring a maximum success rate of security, allowing culprits to be easily detected.

Benefits of our Street Lights

With London being such an eventful and busy area, it is crucial that local authorities ensure that the city is protected, sustainable and practical during both day and night. Lighting is a vital amenity for public spaces and is one of the primary aspects of urban planning and design. However, to understand the significance of lighting for public areas it is also important to know the advantages of it. Some of which have been listed below:

Aesthetic: Innolight is not just affiliated with one supplier and because of this, we provide a wide selection of street lights that can transform the appearance of your London road. For each and every one of our clients we offer a unique, made to measure and customisable range which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Cost Effective Solution: In comparison to traditional street lighting the LED lights that we supply can offer a reduction in hefty electricity bills, a decrease in maintenance costs and a general improvement in money spent on outsourced street lights.

Widespread Coverage: From our affordable LED lights to traditional gas street lanterns, our team of experts at Innolight aim to not only create a scenic ambience, but also guarantee that our products are correctly situated in order to cover all areas of the street, while brightening every corner.

Functionality and Durability: Our LED lights are automatically timed to switch on when it is dark, this is one of the main benefits as if they are not functioning adequately then this could result in an influx of costly repairs, possibility of crime and a reduction of safety on the streets.

Our expertise in Street Lighting

With over 15 years in the electrical highways and building industry, Innolight can ensure to meet and exceed the requirements of your street lighting projects for each and every London-based customer. We are experts in supplying, delivering and installing cost-effective and sustainable lighting which irradiates your street with maximum light, whilst increasing security.

The service we offer clients is fast, effective and reliable, meaning that installation will not negatively impact busy work schedules or cause a considerable amount of traffic and delays on the road. Working closely by your side, we can work together to provide and achieve an optimum lighting solution for your London road.

Our trusted team have a wealth of knowledge in this sector and with any concerns or enquires that you may have, you can contact one of our experts today and we’ll provide you with precise, detailed and informative answers. So, to discuss your street light project into further detail give our team a call on 07535 962834 or 07849 715185 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.