London Car Park Lighting

As a team of experts, here at Innolight we can transform any London Car Park into a safer, highly protected and secure open space. Our bespoke car park lighting can be installed into any type of car park including: housing and industrial estates, shopping outlets, sports centres, hospitals and schools – these are only a few of the many locations we work on. By installing our lighting to car parks, this will increase visibility, reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall aesthetic. After having these fitted to your car park, you no longer need to worry about rummaging around in your bag to find your car keys or have the fear of not being able to see pedestrians as our lighting will illuminate all areas.

We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality and first-class service to all customers in the London area. With over 10 years’ worth of experience, our trusted electricians specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of lighting in London car parks. The service we offer clients is fast, effective and reliable, ensuring that our installation doesn’t interfere with busy work periods.

Benefits of Car Park Lighting in London

Having efficient car park lighting is essential, especially with regard to the health and safety regulations for car park owners and contractors which need to be conformed to for optimal protection and security for people visiting and using the car park. There are many benefits to the London car park lighting which we will list below:

Low Maintenance Costs: In the past few years, businesses have been forced to review costs spent on electrics. As a result of this, they may need to reduce the amount of money spent on maintaining car park lighting. LED lighting is different to traditional lighting systems in the way that it is generated and distributed. They are highly durable meaning less money is spent on having to repair and restore the broken, faulty and unreliable lights.

Increase in Security: Safety is key in all aspects of life, especially when vehicles are involved as they can cause serious damage to health. Implementing a quality light source into the car park will deter any possible crime, attract customers, and reduce the risk of hazards taking place within the car park premises which are all essential features of a popular car park.

Energy Efficient: LED Lighting is the perfect option to improve the efficiency of energy used to light car parks. Retrofitting your existing lighting system with our services could save you a high percentage of money. The savings depend on the size of the car park, so if you have a large space to light, our LED lights will be the ideal choice for you.

Benefits of our Street Lights

Here at Innolight, we offer a range of energy saving lighting solutions in London. Instead of installing the traditional car park lighting system, our LED conversion and retrofit will completely renovate your car park into a visually pleasing open-space. When car park lighting fails, this can result in a series of disruptive and troublesome events which can cause a reduction in safety for people using the car parks on a regular basis, as well as an increase in money spent on emergency call-outs, making the space look unfinished and inadequate.

When we install our LED lights, we always strive to fully comply with British Standards – this is an essential part of the whole retrofitting process as we want to ensure a maximum success rate when installing our customised car park lighting. We don’t just offer exterior lighting solutions, we can also tailor our lighting into office buildings, underground and multi-storey car parks.

Expert Advice on Car Park Lighting in London

Our trusted team of experts have a wealth of knowledge about car park lighting and with any questions you may have or any advice you require, we can provide you with detailed and informative answers which will help you decide about your London car park lighting.

If you’re interested in the services that we offer here at Innolight and would like to discuss your project in further detail, give our friendly yet professional team a call on 07535 962834 or 07849 715185 and get planning your car parking scheme in London today!